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Designer Kyeok Kim defines ornamenting the body as making it attractive and expressing beauty by a visual expression of sensory processes. In her Jewelry as a Second Skin, Kim redefines and extends the boundaries of what jewelry can be. Her pieces transform jewelry from tangible to an intangible ornament. to the skin through lighting, imprinting, impressing, and scenting. …

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Soap rings, Fragrant_Second Skin by Scenting by Kyeok Kim. Photo taken by Myungwook Huh

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Fragrance is a sensory experience which can serve the purpose for self-expression and affect other people’s emotions and reactions. Something like perfume can make one feel more attractive and beautiful. Fragrance is a type of unconscious jewelry which adorns the body.

Jewelry designer Kyeok Kim created these soap rings as part of her Jewelry as a Second Skin collection which explores the extended boundaries of jewelry, in this case through scenting. After washing your hands with the soap ring, the ring disappears and becomes a scent. The jewelry leaves a scent very much like perfume and becomes an unconscious ornament.

This piece by Deger Cengiz explores the direct relationship of a watering can and a potted plant. He physically connects the two to examine their relationship with one another.

The angle of the water pouring into the pot is relationally reflected in the angle which the plant consequently grows when the watering can is not in use. The dependency of the pot on the watering can and how the plant grows as a result of that is communicated through the respective tile of the piece, ‘Selfish & Devoted.’

I found this design to be really meaningful in how we use watering cans in addition to a sort of vital relationship shared between a watering can and a potted plant and how they really effect and depend each other to function and survive.