Gerd Rothmann: An Uncoventional Dialogue with the Human Body

“Jewellery without any element of kitch and a classical function.”

The above quote really sums up the essence of artist Gerd Rothmann’s work. There is a paradoxical element which takes you aback upon viewing his work.

Influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy of kinetics and human experience, Gerd Rothman developed what is considered his “most convincing work in an unconventional dialogue with the human body.” He introduced body casts into the arena of artistic jewellery by concentrating on forms of reflection and contact with personal associations. His work really allowed people to interpret traditional forms of jewellery.

Rothmann defamiliarizes things we take for granted so that then we can come to new realizations. Evidenced in his work, he has an uncanny ability to give time-worn forms totally new meanings.

There are so many more works I wanted to post and share. The book I resourced my information from includes explanations of the work by the Rothmann himself, as well as owners and critics of his works. In this blog, I tried to post the ones what would garner the most immediate responses, though I encourage you to read for yourself the deeper explanations for these pieces.

If you are interested, check out the book Gerd Rothman by Schmuck Jewelry at the Otis Library under the call number  NK7398 R67 A4 2002.

Schmuck Jewelry. Gerd Rothmann. Ostfildern-Ruit : Hatje Cantz, 2002.Print.

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