Studio OOOMS: Goldplated Staples

14K Goldplated Staples

Designed by Studio OOOMS, these goldplated staples are intended for jewelry. They fit in any average stapler, so you could staple papers if you wanted.

I find these as an interesting concept to what jewelry is and can be. When I think about stapling clothing, it see it as a temporary or lazy fix method to fix a hole, say in a pair of jeans. In Project Runway, competitors are frowned upon when they use staples instead of sewing their garments together since it looks messy and the seams come undone. But what Studio OOOMS has done by goldplating the staples completely transforms such a utilitarian product.

It is really interesting how material changes can completely alter an object and how we view it, even with something as simple as a single staple.

In 2008, fashion brand Viktor & Rolf famously utilized gold staples in their Fall Collection. Place along the seams, the staples look like gold top-stitching.

Viktor and Rolf: Fall 2008 Collection


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