Deconstruction Pt. 1 – 6

Identify Your Category and Its Cultural Norms

Category: Bracelet

A bracelet, an article of jewelry, is an ornamental band worn around the wrist

Cultural Norms

Bracelets are typically considered to take on the shape or form of a circle and encircle the wrist region of the arm. In today’s modern society, they are most commonly worn for beauty, fashion, personal attachments, and/or deeper significance. Some people attach connotations of luck, friendship, romance … among others. The act of giving a bracelet to another can signify a milestone in a relationship. Men are known to buy jewelry, such as a bracelet, to appease or make up with their significant other. As a sub-category of jewelry, people are also known to pass down bracelets as hereditary heirlooms. Generally, they are made from precious metals, stones, gems, and/or beads and signify wealth and class.

Many cultures and societies that continue to practice ancient traditions and beliefs still wear the bracelet in the same context. Refer to posts categorized under ‘Historical Research’ to read about some of the cultural norms of bracelets in other cultures. I’ll try to continue to add more posts concerning different cultures as time goes on.


List the Qualifiers of Your Category

A bracelet must:

– relate to the arm/ wrist

– act as a source of adornment/ ornamentation

– attach on the to the arm somehow, commonly through a band or circle opening

– at least function as a signifier of beauty/ physical appearance


Language: Rename Your Category

– Complimentary, Signifying, Adorning, Ornamental Attachment or Brace


Identify Neighboring Categories

necklaces, rings, ankle bracelets/ anklets, cuffs, armlets, bangles, buttons, timepieces, watches, earrings, tattoos, apparel/ fashion, brooches, eyeglasses frames, hair accessories, jewels and other jewelry accessories, interior decor, furniture, wallpaper, ornaments, food/ edible garnishes, fragrance, …


Language: Identify Synonyms and Antonyms of each word in your New Categorical Name


Synonyms: flattering, beautify, admirable

Antonyms: criticize, denounce, deform/ uglify

Signifying (Signifier) –

Synonyms: indicator, connotator, symbolic, embody; to suggest, represent, stand for, imply; of meaningful significance

Antonyms: meaningless, unpurposed, insignificant


Synonyms: beautify, enhance, enrich

Antonyms: damage, disfigure


Synonyms: decorative, accessory, embellish, garnish, showy, elaborate/ luxurious

Antonyms: natural, plain, ugly, unembellished


Synonyms: fastener, joint, accessory/ accession, component, inclusion, addition

Antonyms: detach, withdrawal, disconnect, unrelated


Synonyms: support, arm, grip, reinforcement, splint, strengthen, cuff

Antonyms: flop, sag, unwrap, release, open, loosen


Form Propositions

Do bracelets have to be flexible?

Jewelry is not only for women.

Jewelry can make one look ugly.



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