Deconstruction: Food Garnishing

A venison chop covered in a sauce made of tahini and date syrup, with pomegranates, pine nuts, and scallions. Photo taken by Battman Studios.

Neighboring Categories

A garnish is typically an edible component embellishes or decorates a plate of food or drink. Like bracelets or jewelry in general, it adorns it wearer. In this case it is the venison chop. The scallion, pomegranates, and pine seeds enhance the visual qualities of the chop, which makes it more appetising to eat. In parallel, jewelry enhances beauty and attractiveness. Even how the swirling drizzle of the syrup and the pooling of the tahini sauce decorate the appearance of the dish.

What drew my eye to this photo was the colors and intense blue of the plate. In this specific example, the saturated color of the plate compliments and  functions as an ornamental element, resulting in a eye-catching photo.



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