Kyeok Kim: Jewelry as a Second Skin collection

Aurora_Second Skin by Lighting bracelet by Kyeok Kim. Photo taken by Jiyung Kim

Aurora_Second Skin by Lighting brooch. Photo taken by Myungwook Huh

Designer Kyeok Kim defines ornamenting the body as making it attractive and expressing beauty by a visual expression of sensory processes. In her Jewelry as a Second Skin, Kim redefines and extends the boundaries of what jewelry can be. Her pieces transform jewelry from tangible to an intangible ornament. to the skin through lighting, imprinting, impressing, and scenting.

The jewelry first tangibly presents itself in the physical form of jewelry at first. But when they are put to use, they emit or leave behind an immaterial sense of jewelry. They literally ‘extend’ the boundaries in some cases.

Second Skin by Lighting extends the ornamented surface around the body. ‘Lace Traced’ wears an imprint of the jewelry; It applies the ornament direct on the skin as a washable tattoo. The ‘Like Your Voice’ jewelry leaves an impression on the skin after it has been worn. The marks left behind become immaterial and reflect an emotive memory. The ‘Fragrant’ Second Skin series leaves ‘jewelry’ behind as a sensory scent.


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