Physical Experiment: Form-Fitting

Hanger resting over the ear

Earlier, I had posted earring designs which looped over the ear instead of piercing through the ear. I found it really interesting and expand of this aspect tried to fit objects around the ear. In this experiment, I explored with how this fit around the body. A curvilinear form forms easily around the ear in a looping/ hooking fashion. Some earring that actually pierce through the ear function similarly in that the arching hook prevents it from falling off the ear versus earring with back posts.

Playing around with the hanger led to discovering that things can also fit tightly or loosely around the body, as demostrated in wearing gym shorts in comparison to jeans. The shape of the pants also conform the the shape of the leg in order to provide a better fit. In the case of the hanger, it fit loosely around the ankles, but tighter up the calves because the width of the calves were larger than that of the ankles.

How form fits is one way of how jewelry interacts within the physical world, as well as how it relates to the human body. A necklace or a chocker would not fit as a bracelet or ring would. Its form or size indicate its respective application to specific areas of the body.


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