Ideation: Ear Bracelets

If you deconstruct the word ‘bracelet’ and focus on ‘brace,’ a bracelet could be anything that secures around any part of the body or object. In these sketches, I focuses on a wrapping gesture around the ear, creating a bracelet-like form in respect to the ear.

The sketch to the left features a cuff-like shape which would brace over the cartilage form above the ear. I was interested in how earring did not have to pierce through the ear, instead they could just hang or dangle off of a form. This could also be reconsidered as a variation of a clip-on earring which are quite uncomfortable and painful to wear.

This idea shifts cultural perceptions of how earrings are applied onto the ear lope, or not the lobe at all.






The sketch to the right scales the ear bracelet idea to a larger scale where the ‘bracelet’ is encasing the entire form of the ear. It hooks over the ear and extends pass the perimeter of the ear. This brings more attention to the ear and makes it look larger. Larger ears are not what we culturally associate with beauty, but the expanded surface allows for hair to be tucked behind the ear more securely. Hair stands naturally tuck away behind, but they never stay behind securely because of the flexibility of the ear and bodily movements.

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  1. Ear bracelets!!! awesome idea ‘Risty. I love your blog, I’ve looked at it a few times this semester, and I always navigate through it very easily. The layout is very simple and crisp (helvetica:). I really think you should push this idea of the “non-pierced” ear bracelet. Good job!

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