Ideation: Interactive

Here, I wanted to develop ideas with how jewelry could be interactive in our daily routines. Most people wash their hands everyday, but I thought about the annoyance I experience when my bracelet gets in the way, especially if it is made out of fabric or string.

For this, I would use a sponge material that expands when it comes in contact with water. I thought it might be interesting to see how much water accumulates around the wrist when you wash your hands and how that might affect the form of the bracelet.

1 comment
  1. sihwa said:


    I like your ideation about “interactive”. It’s gonna be a really interesting jewerly with the clever idea. People will
    enjoy washing their hands rather than feeling annoying with their jewerly.
    I want to show you a magic tissue. It’s compressed dried form that looks similar to coin, but when water is pllied
    it turns into full size wet tissue.

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