Blog: The Sustainability Puzzle

The 'Sustainability Graphic'

The Sustainability Puzzle is a blog which focuses on the struggle of achieving a sustainable world. The blogger presents a conundrum in achieving sustainability when the current system is unable to provide or ‘sustain’ the world’s population. Through his recognition of this fundamental conflict, his blog is an attempt to consider and suggest the parts that comprise the sustainability puzzle.

What’s the Sustainability Puzzle you ask? It’s the problem of figuring out how we as a civilization get from where we are now to where we need to be in order to achieve a sustainable world. But, how do we even know what it looks like? Is that vision simply an extension of the current paradigm?

One of his entries, Understanding the Sustainability Puzzle features the ‘sustainability graphic’ which shows that sustainable solutions are merely a subset of our current knowledge. It is not ‘new’ knowledge, but existing knowledge which supports society’s goals.

To read more about it:

I recommend looking through the entire blog for some really interesting content.


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