Caz Guiney: City Ring

Sterling silver 'Nut Ring' in situ. The central tube protruded through to the rear of the rusty frame just enough for the edges to be burnished and set the ring in place.

In 2003, Australian jeweler Caz Guiney did an installation which removed jewelry from the gallery, glass cabinet, and the body by placing it in public space. Creating site specific pieces, she identified a series of locations around her local area and focused in on the existing holes created by existing structures. Guiney found how holes generated by pipes, drill holes, grates ….etc. related to the scale of the human body, particularly with the finger. The installation project was called City Ring, as a series of gold and silver rings were made to fit within unconventional areas in the streets.

The concept deconstructs the context and location of jewelry. The application of these ‘city rings’ reminded me of how hardware functions with furniture as a form of embellishment or jewelry.

All three of these vanities have rather ornate structural design, but the hardware handles give each vanity a different style in appearance and character. Like jewelry, hardware can adorn and make objects more valuable than others. These photos taken from


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