Jeremy Mays: Littlefly

Serial No. 109, 'Sophie's Choice' ring

Jewelry designer Jeremy MaysLittlefly paper jewelry utilize a unique paper laminating process. Using the pages out of a book, the paper jewelry is made by laminating hundreds of sheets of papers together, and the finished with a high-gloss finish.

Even though the texts are still somewhat exposed, the paper is nicely transformed into something of more precious and greater value. Titled after the books they are made from, Mays’ paper jewelry manages to up-cycle old and novel books just collecting dust. The Littlefly collection can be categorized under sustainable jewelry in that existing books are being used as raw materials, in addition to the remainder of the book for packaging.

I love how the color and glossy finish makes the paper look like exotic stones or plastic, in some cases. Traditional jewelry made out of gold or silver just cannot match the personality and vibrant colors these paper jewelry assume.


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