Maria Christina Bellucci

Ring 2010, bread, epoxy resin, and ebony

Italian designer Maria Christina Bellucci designs jewelry through exploring traditional techniques in combination with her material experiments. She enjoys changing the meaning of an everyday object and decontextualizing them as gems, and thus giving them new meaning of value.

Bellucci has created some interesting pieces where she glues a bunch of colored pencils together and carves away from the surface. It reminds me that even pencil are made from wood, which is considered a valuable material. But once they are turned into pencils or colored pencils, the wood becomes worthless and so insignificant in weight. What Bellucci does by stacking and layering pencils, in a sense, reconstitutes it back to a solid piece of wood from which more complicated forms can be made.

She also has done a collection of rings and necklaces made from bread. She coats them with epoxy resin to render them hard as stone. When I first saw some of them, I could not tell what they were.

I do not know if she sustainably makes her jewelry, but the concepts with the materials she uses is interesting and can be translated with other materials.


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