Sustainable Iterations: Everyday Objects

My final ideation dealt with the concept that everyday objects become inherent forms of adornment in the ways we interact with them and their relation to the human body. Utilizing the pre-existing beauty of ergonomic in product designs, I attempt to manipulate and decontextualize familiar object forms into new objects of jewelry and adornment.

My iterations explore the usages of different objects. Along with the sustainable redesign, I focus on  not to buy new objects fresh off the shelves and instead source them from defected/ not purposeful objects I own lying around the house, donations from friends and relatives, and thrift or second-hand stores.

With additional material usages, I am trying to source more soft good materials. From my research, I learned how environmentally and ethically unfriendly mining for metals and stones can be. Much of the existing indicators of jewelry is heavily based on the value of the incorporated materials, like gold and diamonds. I became interested in how ‘cheap’ materials could simply be transformed into more valuable and aesthetic materials through the process of manipulation (ie. weaving, cutting, melting … etc.).

I have also been thinking about sourcing materials from thrift jewelry. There is a lot of possibilities of finding interesting forms and designs in existing jewelry which would have otherwise been discarded and gone to the trash.

I believe there is also value in buying new materials which are renewable and sustainably grown/ sourced/ raised…etc. Sustainable materials is not necessarily just about using trash and found materials. In some cases, specific materials are perhaps functionally the optimal option because of the structural nature of it. It is just a matter of doing research and tracing the materials journey through the supply chain.

As of now, I am still research and shopping around for possible materials I can implement in my design. Depending on the qualities of these materials, the designs will most likely continue to evolve.


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