Elizabeth G. Sanders: Getting Better vs. Being Good

Many creative professionals struggle to move forward on projects because they feel immensely frustrated with their early, real-world executions of their ideas don’t perfectly match the ideal image in their heads. By seeing your work as a “draft” or “mock up” that you can refine, you can dramatically lower the barrier to external manifestation of your internal musings.

Elizabeth Grace Sanders in Getting Better vs. Being Good  

via  Laura Allcorn

Laura Allcorn is a designer, strategist, and experimental entrepreneur.  I stumbled upon her portfolio website and found this quote posted in her blog. It was nice because our whole class is currently making sketch models and continuing to make adjustments to our designs.

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  1. This is such a great way to view your work Kristy! If you can think about your materials and objects as “hypothesis objects” or drafts, as mentioned, the work is less precious and you can take risks. Without risk, there is very little room for innovation : ) It’s easier said than done, but certainly should be a goal for all of us to keep in mind as we work. Nice find.

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