Iteration Sketch Models

Iteration 1: Hand Harness, made from the thumb component of Fiskar scissors and yarn.

Iteration 2: Ring, made finger wrap-around component of Fiskar scissors and tape

I moved forward making sketch models of my first and second iterations using the Fiskar scissors. The yarn and tape are meant to simulate other materials, but I am still exploring the opportunities of materials.

After making the models, I found that the second ring iteration was translating as a more successful transformation.

In a discussion with the teacher’s assistant, he talked about considering a more deliberate material connection with the ring band and the scissor component and bounced around ideas of surface decoration rather than merely just having a piece of scissors on your hand.

I had intentions of altering the orange color of the Fiskars. After showing and discussing my sketch models with my instructor, she talked about keeping the inherent orange which is significant and a highly recognizable signature of the Fiskar brand and the history surrounding it. We talked about some of the unresolved issues with the first model, including proportional and material concerns. She recommended transforming the thumb component into a necklace. She talked about how the form has about the right amount of abstract to still visually connect it to its original identity. Even though it is stripped of its utilitarian purpose, the ergonomic form still hearkens to physical interaction. The form is so obviously meant for the fingers. By making it into the necklace, it could engender a physical interaction with the user.

She also talked about making a series of them, each exploring a different component or element. In a series, it could tell more demonstrative narrative about the transformation of everyday objects and the existing beauty in ergonomically design products. I think it expands the category to a wider spectrum and stronger concept of the deconstruction of jewelry, rather than obsessing over the fit of Fiskar scissors.

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