History of the Fiskars Company

Since I have decided to keep the inherent color of the Fiskars scissors after a talk with my instructor, I felt it was necessary to do some research surrounding the name brand and the trademarked orange color. This blog focuses on the origins of the Fiskars brand.

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The Fiskars Corporation started out as an ironworks manufacturer in Fiskars, Finland. During the seventeenth century, Finland was part of Sweden where iron was abundant. In 1649, Peter Thorwoste was granted the privilege by the Queen of Sweden to set up a facility to manufacture cast iron and forged products. Early on, Fiskars manufactured nails, wheels, knives, hoes, among other things.

In 1783, the Bjorkman family took over the ironworks and shifted focus towards mining copper ore in a nearby mine. By 1802, much of the mine had been depleted and caused the closure of the blast furnace. Since then no basic iron manufacturing was done in Fiskars Village.

The ironworks and village was later bought by Johan Jacob Julin (later, von Julin) in 1822. Ten years later, the founding of the first cutlery mill allowed for the expanded production of products including forks and scissors. It was under Julin’s direction which made Fiskars known for its farm and household implements and high quality.

In 1915, was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The company continues to grow and expand with improved technological advances. The Finnish economy suffered greatly with the stock market crash and recession. By the end of WWII, Fiskars realized that they needed to accommodate for mass production in order to stay afloat.

Fiskars become the first to produce plastic-handled scissors, which is now one of their best known products. (Read more in  Fiskars’ Orange-Handled Scissors blog post)

Their expansion began in 1977 in the United States with the founding of a scissors factory. Establishing themselves in the U.S. allowed for international trade and a growing commercial value and professional experience.

Over the past few decades, they have grown through acquisitions of specialist brands, reinforcing its expanded businesses. Today, the Fiskars Corporation is an international company focused on consumer-based products in the home, garden, and outdoors prized for their functionality and design.


Sources: http://homeware.fiskars.com/web/fiskarsweb.nsf/en/fiskars_history



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