Fiskars’ Orange-Handled Scissors

The specific hue of ‘Fiskars Orange’ plays such a large role in Fiskars’ brand identity and recognition and significance in pop culture. Most iconic use is in the handle of their scissors. The orange-handled scissors are a registered trademark of the Fiskars Corporation.

The scissors were first introduced in 1967 as a top quality pair of scissors. They were the first to be manufactured with plastic handles. Ergonomically, they were much lighter and comfortable. Home seamstresses were said to call them off limits.

The orange scissors originated from left the left over orange dye of an award-winning orange juicer.

Fiskars has been manufacturing scissors since the 1830s; however, the production of plastic handles started in the late 1960s when special technology was developed for sharpening blades for mass production. The prototype handle was made from left over orange dye from a molding machine used in the production of an orange juicers. Designer Olof Backstrom had originally intended for the scissors’ handles to be red, black, or green. By chance the machine operator decided to use up the left over orange dye. The orange won the vote of the board and continues to attract consumer, becoming a symbol of smart, innovative, and functional tools.

High quality and an innovative design has translated into over a billion of plastic-handled scissors sold worldwide. Its success continues to be reliant on product development and premium materials. The handles sit perfectly in the hand and supports optimal cutting action.

Key Facts:

– World’s #1 Scissors Brand™

– The orange color, Fiskars Orange®, was officially registered as a trademark in Finland in 2003       and in the U.S. in 2007

– 2012 marks the 45th Anniversary of Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors, first manufactured in 1967

– Olavi Linden joined Fiskars in 1971 as department head in scissors production and is the internationally acclaimed designer behind the scissors’ current design

– Fiskars was the first company to mass produce ergonomically correct left-handed scissors

– The iconic Orange-Handled Scissors are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York


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