Monthly Archives: May 2012

As you can see above, use of the original plastic handle taken from the eyelash curler just did not communicate something desirable. It was simply just cheap plastic. So I went ahead with the wood version.

Because of the focus on attaining materials sustainably, I only had to spend $12.00 on the sandals I bought for the leather strips.

At this phase, I dealt with cutting the handles off the scissors and eyelash curlers. Originally, I had intended to use the plastic handles of the eyelash curlers, but saw it better to duplicate the shape out of wood. I tested out many different variations differing in thicknesses in order to find the right proportions, as well as the right thickness feasible for the drill press, sander, and band saws.

For the curler itself, I sawed off the mechanism which allows the curler to move up and down. Early on, I was experimenting with applying zippers with thread as embellishments. In an effort to make the eyelash curler appear finished and more valuable, I painted it in gold.

With the Fiskars scissors, I played with drilling holes in them to allow for possible inlaid materials. But I realized that it was not visually the way I wanted to head in.