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In 2003, Australian jeweler Caz Guiney did an installation which removed jewelry from the gallery, glass cabinet, and the body by placing it in public space. Creating site specific pieces, she identified a series of locations around her local area and focused in on the existing holes created by existing structures. Guiney found how holes …

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In this exploration of form, I experimented in how our the human body relates to jewelry and objects in general. I examined how our hands interact with scissors and cups. Loop-like forms inform where parts of the hand go. Bracelets are similar in that the circular opening informs users to slip it over the wrist, but it is less specific.

What interested me the most was that we interact with everyday objects, like cups, in a similar manner as we to with jewelry in relation to how we wear or grip them. In a sense, the everyday objects themselves become articles of jewelry. Take the blades off the scissors and the handles could actually look quite appealing as oppose to its utilitarian purposes.

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Designer Kyeok Kim defines ornamenting the body as making it attractive and expressing beauty by a visual expression of sensory processes. In her Jewelry as a Second Skin, Kim redefines and extends the boundaries of what jewelry can be. Her pieces transform jewelry from tangible to an intangible ornament. to the skin through lighting, imprinting, impressing, and scenting. …

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Soap rings, Fragrant_Second Skin by Scenting by Kyeok Kim. Photo taken by Myungwook Huh

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Fragrance is a sensory experience which can serve the purpose for self-expression and affect other people’s emotions and reactions. Something like perfume can make one feel more attractive and beautiful. Fragrance is a type of unconscious jewelry which adorns the body.

Jewelry designer Kyeok Kim created these soap rings as part of her Jewelry as a Second Skin collection which explores the extended boundaries of jewelry, in this case through scenting. After washing your hands with the soap ring, the ring disappears and becomes a scent. The jewelry leaves a scent very much like perfume and becomes an unconscious ornament.

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Distinguishing the difference between what a bracelet is and what an armlet is can enter into grey area. A bracelet worn at the ankle is simply called an anklet. But the word armlet is actually defined as something that sits on the upper arm. Both are so similar in shape and relative size, that it …

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