Because of the focus on attaining materials sustainably, I only had to spend $12.00 on the sandals I bought for the leather strips.

Metal zipper ring /blue/golden/big by Hurricane Boutique on Etsy

I had seen zipper jewelry before where they are sewn together in elaborate forms. I came across this zipper ring on Hurricane Boutique’s Etsy page. I thought it was interesting how the zipper teeth are connected and tied together with thread, unlike what I have more commonly seen.

Having collected a handful of colorful zippers from Trash for Teaching, I wondered how I could utilize them in my project. Through my research, I thought about precious metals and uniques methods of acquiring such metals

Jewelry designer Emma McFarline made several pieces incorporating corrugated cardboard rings, fragments of tags, and enamel pieces.

Cardboard is such a versatile and strong material, often used in sustainable product construction. I have seen it work really well in things like furniture, but was not sure how it could possibly come across as jewelry.

While you can still see the ruggedness and ‘cheap’ qualities of the cardboard, its placement alongside more valuable materials help to take it out of the context of the qualities of cardboard. In one piece, she mimics the corrugated lines in white gold. Overall, I think it makes for a more desirable and valuable product.