Deconstruction is an approach to analysis or way of thinking theorized by Jacques Derrida. It is a theoretical approach, as oppose to the physical act of taking something apart.

Deconstruction aims at looking at the central idea from which something has been made and debunks the idea by pointing out what does not make sense.

The category of post labeled aptly labeled ‘Deconstruction’ will document my deconstruction of jewelry/ bracelets through the following steps/ parts:

1. Identify you category and its cultural norms.

2. List the qualifiers of your category. (ie. it must have or do A,B,C,D(requirements)  to be a ________.

3. Language: Rename your category.

4. Identify neighboring categories.

5. Language: Identify synonyms and antonyms of each word in you new categorical name.

6. Form propositions (ie. ________ could be considered a ________ if ________.)


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